Thursday, December 12, 2013

cheap art gift guide

If your holiday spirit is enhanced through encouragement and support of the creative spirit, we here at the Center for the Obvious & (Im)Permacultural research invite you to consider the following:

SONIC FABRIC TIES (handmade in New York City from my textile woven from recorded cassette tape) are on sale through the end of the year for $20 off.

ECSTATIC MECHANISM, Julian Mock's latest collection of stunningly beautiful, unconventional compositions for solo guitar. "There is an ecstatic mechanism in birds that makes them fly upwards in spite of worms."- Lawrence Ferlinghetti

 My latest project, just released: a limited-edition book on two decades of life and work at the intersection of art and science. Part catalog of my work, part manifesto on the ways that thinking shapes culture. PHILOSOPROPS: A UNIFIED FIELD GUIDE $40