Monday, January 07, 2013

dialectic revival series


This month, as part of the Philosoprops & Onotological Apparatus exhibition in NYC at the gallery of Klemens Gasser & Tanja Grunert, we will be hosting a series of focused discussions in the spirit of a Dialectic Revival.

The primary goal of the dialectic method is to pool knowledge and compare and contrast differing viewpoints on a matter for the purpose of deepening overall understanding. Unlike forms of debate in which one side attempts to demonstrate the superiority of a singular view over an opposing one by any means available (including emotional persuasion not based in reason), those willing to engage in a new dialectic favor logic, analytical proof, and rational deduction. Those who participate in dialectic discourse recognize that all conditions are in a continuous state of flux, and therefore definitive resolution may not be possible.

We hope you can join us at 523 W 19th St. for the following discussions:


5pm: "Green Hermeticism and Eco Art"
A discussion on art, science, alchemy, and associated apparatus with Eve Andree Laramee, Linda Weintraub, and Dehlia Hannah


3pm: "In Search Of..."
Killing the Buddha editors Brook Wilensky-Lanford, Nathan Schneider, and Meera Subramanian will invite dialog on quests for the divine, using their own experiences as jumping-off points: searches for the Eden of the past, proof for the existence of God, and an Eden of the future, respectively. Click here for Facebook invite.


6:30pm "Site-Specific Movement Score in Room Submerged During Sandy" Wendy Osserman with dance company members Lauren Ferguson, Emily Vetsch, and Cori Kresge will cite the specific.

7pm: "Trigger Points After the Storm"
In a post-Sandy environment can we layer bioregionalism, environmental justice and intuition for coastal resilience? We will explore how aesthetic tools can trigger healing. Hosted by Aviva Rahmani, with Wendy Osserman.


7pm  "Philosoprops & Ontological Apparatus"
Implements as catalysts for discourse with Nathaniel Katz proprietor of the Pacifist Library, Chris Robbins of Ghana Think Tank, and "Really Literally Literary", a special spontaneous action with Nina Katchadourian and Elizabeth Demaray