Friday, January 12, 2007

gargles in the rat-race choir

as genius dylan lyrics go, for me "gargles in the rat-race choir" is one of the most outstanding. from the uncannily-pertinent song "it's alright ma", it's a line that i believe speaks directly to the times at hand.

it just so happened that my studio at blue mountain center this past fall contained a turntable that would make every record it tried to play skip in strangely perfect loops. i set about recording the loops, then layered them to create a collage. i also filmed the turntable itself spinning around and around using an old-fashioned super-8 film camera...the whole experience seemed to be the perfect metaphor for current events, especially given that the album containing the song ("bringing it all back home") was originally released in 1965. i added some video, digitized the film, and knitted it all together to create this little movie.

anyhow, times being what they are, i felt compelled to share it.
i hope you'll enjoy.

ps: for anyone interested, the original lyrics to the song "it's alright ma" by bob dylan can be found here.