Thursday, August 16, 2012

studio news: ISEA2012 and new articles at

Dear All, I hope your summer has been replete with meteors, ice pops, and other seasonal delights! Those in or near Albuquerque, I hope to see you at The International Symposium on Electronic Art 2012 where, after more than a decade of existence in only partial form (as a book that can be folded into a box) The Universal Raisin Cake Theory will at long last make its debut as the multi-part installation it was intended to be, complete with giant raisin-galaxies that guests to 516 Arts will be invited to lounge upon while contemplating the text and having a bite of Universal Raisin Cake. The opening is September 20 from 6 to 8pm. Also as part of ISEA, I'm looking forward to doing some field recording/sound-collage-making workshops with high school students.

As the state of our world becomes increasingly tenuous, I find my roots in science playing a more overt roll in my work. I've recently written two pieces (both published in Truth-out) in response to Bill McKibben's feature in Rolling Stone titled "Global Warming's Terrifying New Math"; as dramatic and ubiquitous as the data on our changing environment may be, it is proving difficult to use it to discern what tangible actions we can take to address the problems. I've written this 2-part series in the interest of shifting from fear to action:

"We Have Met the Environment, and it is Us"
"The Multifold Resistance: An Invitation" (or "How to Break Up With Big Oil: a Complex Relationship")

As a result of these two pieces (and the ongoing Synergetic Omni-Solution project in general), I am honored and delighted to have been invited by and Blue Mountain Center to attend a focus residency during the month of October in upstate New York for artists working to communicate about our planet's delicate ecology.

A third piece, also published this week in Truth-out, serves as an introduction to both the and Dialectic Revival projects: What Does Collective Democracy Look Like? It's Up to Us

As excited as I am about all of these things, none are particularly lucrative. In an effort to generate funds I have opened an on-line PHILOSOPROP SHOP stocked with a range of philosophical sundries & supplies, including sonic fabric accessories and yardage. There's also a DONATE button for those not currently in need of philosoprops, but who feel compelled to support the ongoing work of the Center for the Obvious & (Im)Permacultural Research nonetheless.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

the multifold resistance: an invitation

Today my article "The Multifold Resistance: an Invitation" was cross-posted from the Synergetic Omni-Solution blog to Truthout. They've changed the title to "How to Break Up with the Oil Industry: a Complex Relationship". Once we understand our relationship to the issues, we can begin to take practical steps to begin addressing them.