Sunday, September 30, 2007

buckminster fuller challenge

the buckminster fuller institute is offering a $100,000 prize for the simplest possible idea that has the potential to affect the greatest global change for the better in the shortest period of time. i've been polling friends, and so far we've come up with a few ideas: a harmonica that only plays OM (hmmm...maybe i oughta revive my 1998 "campaign to change the dial-tone to OM"...?), listening to banjo music, having chickens around, forming a non-government, non-corporate organization to check-and-balance the government, making an animated movie to post on youtube that somehow tries to convince people that living absolutely for THIS LIFE, and not some promise of greener pastures later, is the key to stemming the tide of all manner of holy zeal (hmmm...didn't john lennon write a song about this??).

the bottom line is that just by THINKING about the answer to the problem, we're helping to solve the problem. kudos to the bfi for being the catalyst...