Sunday, February 07, 2016

SOUNDINGS at Eugene Binder

"Sounding generally refers to a mechanism of probing the environment by sending out some kind of stimulus."

I am pleased to announce that the opportunity has arisen for me to fill a rather large and beautiful space in Marfa, TX with the latest implements and apparatus to emerge from our efforts here at the Center for the Obvious & (Im)Permacultural Research.

Their less tangible functions aside, most of the pieces in this exhibition have in common that they contain both auditory and visual elements. The image shown below, for example, is a way of visualizing a set of pentatonic scales. The exhibition at Eugene Binder will feature charts of numerous musical scales and intervals as digital prints on watercolor paper.

Please join us at the opening from 6 to 9pm on Friday February 12. We invite those who are not geographically proximal (or otherwise unable to be with us in person) to follow along virtually by checking the "interested" box at the invite on Facebook...there we will be posting installation views, excerpts from the evening's intermittent performance-demonstrations, etc.