Friday, April 14, 2017

Tonal Relativity Games & Experiments at UNM ARTS Lab on April 29

Tonoscore 1: Season, a work for 3 or more players by Alyce Santoro

On April 29, 2017 at 7pm at UNM ARTS Lab, conceptual/sound artist Alyce Santoro, guitarist/composer Julian Mock, flutist Elizabeth McNutt, and members of the Albuquerque-based Death Convention Singers collective will present the auditory component of Imagining Sound, Santoro's current exhibition of painting and sculpture at Central Features Contemporary Art

The 2- and 3D pieces in the exhibition are part of the Tonal Relativity project, an approach to the visualization of intervals and modes in a 12-tone musical system. The concert program sonifies these concepts,  featuring works of sound and music that leave open space for listening, improvisation, and chance operations.

Aleators, colorized dice to illustrate musical intervals and facilitate chance operations. Alyce Santoro, 2017.


Worldwide Tuning Meditation by Pauline Oliveros1960 #7 by LaMonte Young
Wayne National Forest by Brian Harnetty
Game by Mario Lavista
The premier of Tonoscore 1: Season, a visual score by Alyce Santoro
Squaring the Circle of Fifths by Julian Mock
& several new frameworks for improvisation by Prepared Ear.


Alyce Santoro & Elizabeth McNutt – flute
Julian Mock – guitar

Death Convention Singers:
Marisa Demarco – voice, electronics
Clifford Grindstaff – bass guitar, bass clarinet
Drake Hardin – clarinet
Rosie Hutchinson – violin
Ariel Muniz – cello
Alan Zimmerman – pitched percussion
The concert is free and open to the public.