Thursday, October 02, 2014

on coincidences: an open letter to prince

Sonic Fabric Listening Skirt woven from cassette tape recorded with a single tone: 136.1 Hz, or C# in A=432 tuning.

Dear Prince, 

Last month I posted a blog entry upon discovering that your latest album cover depicts an image of yourself wearing a set of third eye sunglasses, and features your new band 3rd Eye Girl. I found this to be a fun coincidence, since I have been making and exhibiting third eye sunglasses for some time (the idea occurred to me during a visionary experience in the Peruvian rainforest, but that's another story). 

More here on the 3rd eye glasses coincidence.
I always find it curious and amazing when different people seem to be "tuned in" to similar streams of thought, and therefore arrive at similar ideas. Strangely enough, it would seem that we really are tapped in to a similar spring, because today it happened again...

This morning, via Death & Taxes, it came to my attention that you recently hosted a Q&A on Facebook, and that the only question you answered was in the form of a link to an article on theory pertaining to music tuned to A=432Hz. Oddly enough, I too have been interested in the idea that music tuned to A=432 may be more closely aligned with the vibration of the human body than standard western tuning (with A=440). As a result, in 2012 I created an edition of fabric woven from cassette tape recorded with a single tone: 136.1Hz, or a C# in A=432 tuning.

I have made several custom editions of this textile – I call it Sonic Fabric – woven from cassette tape recorded with site-, concept-, or artist-specific sounds &/or music. These two recent coincidences made wonder if a collaboration in the form of a custom edition of Sonic Fabric may be of interest to you?  If so, please do let me know


Every brain is like a satellite dish, each one attuned to a unique frequency, emitted by the Cosmic Infinity, where all that Is to Be Created, All that Can Be Created, EXISTS, woven into the energy particles of the universe, ready to be absorbed, translated, assimilated, manifested, by bodies that hear that feel the Harmony of the Spheres. Be tuned in. Reality is your oyster.