Tuesday, September 03, 2013

thank you, backers!

 dear everyone,

i'm overwhelmed. thanks to all 169 of you, PHILOSOPROPS: A UNIFIED FIELD GUIDE is 277% funded. half of the edition of 250 books are already spoken for. and i'm able to employ the extra-special printing processes (offset and letterpress) that were only a pipedream at the outset.

the manuscript is in the final phases of editing and layout. i hope to have a link to the pdf version to send out to everyone who contributed within the coming weeks. if all goes smoothly, the books will be on their way to you in late october or early november.

to friends who know my work and have stuck with me through the years: thank you! when i set out to combine art and science, i knew it would take a long time to become a scientist first, then begin working on the art part. this book is the culmination of 24 years of independent research - it's a recap of where i've been, and where i hope this work is headed.

to those who hopped aboard this campaign without knowing me beforehand: thank you for taking a chance on me! if you're curious to know more about the stranger you've trusted with your generosity, please feel free to visit alycesantoro.com anytime, and have a look around. much of the information contained in this book exists there in one form or another.

please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have...the tangible parts of this project are nowhere near as important as the connections it generates and the conversations it elicits.
PHILOSOPROPS:  A UNIFIED FIELD GUIDE has already exceeded my wildest expectations, and its barely begun.

thank you.

with heart,