Wednesday, June 15, 2016

WARPED at Museum of Craft, Creativity, and Design

Photo Courtesy Museum of Craft, Creativity, & Design

My Tell-Tail Sails (After Hurricane Sandy) – woven from cassette tape recorded with sound-samples collected on and under the streets of NYC – are included in "Warped: An Exhibition on Sound and Weaving" at The Center for Craft, Creativity & Design in Asheville, NC.

"Practitioners have long observed the relationship between sound and weaving. Appalachian master weaver Lou Tate (1906-1979) remarked how the weaving draft pattern resembles the five line musical staff. Indeed both composing and weaving are time-based endeavors that require significant planning, and are often recorded with the intention of being repeated, replayed, or replicated. Contemporary artists continue to investigate this intersection, mining the connections between sound and weaving for material, visual, and conceptual properties. The six artists included in this exhibition demonstrate a range of approaches inspired by the overlap of sound wave and thread, instrument and loom, composition and draft pattern, sound and weaving."