Sunday, November 06, 2016

TONAL RELATIVITY: Solo Exhibition at Georgia Southern University, November 7 - December 9

Set of Pentatonic patterns, visualized in a repeat pattern.

On Thursday November 10th at 5pm, I'll be giving a talk to accompany a solo exhibition at Georgia Southern University. The show will feature the latest iterations in the Tonal Relativity series, most as works on canvas. Sixteen pieces will serve as visual illustrations of sonic relationships within a 12-tone musical system.

Throughout my own life, the kind of egalitarian, intuitive, non-verbal communication that comes out of sonic improvisation with one or more fellow earnest listeners/musicians/soundmakers has inspired much of my thinking and and efforts in all realms. 

This project was developed as a way to improve my own skills as an improvisor and listener, and to help me to overcome habitual ways of thinking and seeing. I hope that others – musicians and non-musicians alike – may also use it to discover new pallets of possibility.

This video offers both an audio and visual demonstration of the first six intervals in the series:

More here on the project:
There is much, much more to come...