Saturday, August 13, 2005

lincoln center

when i was 10 i picked up the flute. there was always classical music playing around my house, and i feel like it definitely had a profound influence on my synaptic firings. later on i took classical flute lessons. at some point i remember seeing jean-pierre rampal at avery fisher hall in lincoln center, and imagined myself on stage, a virtuoso soloist. well, it was not to be. instead, soon after, i put an electric pick-up in my flute (inspired by laurie anderson's tape bow violin) and joined a punk band. now i make sound art, and invent things, and sure enough, i have a gig at lincoln center! well, not in a concert hall...outside, in front of avery fisher hall, as part of lincoln center out-of-doors "homemade musical instrument day". please stop by if you can, from 2 to 6 on sunday august 14th. more info here.