Monday, August 29, 2005

lecture 8/29 at the new school

tonight i'll be the guest speaker at an event at the new school for incoming students. my talk is entitled "the art of science, the science of art", and i'm extremely grateful, and kind of astounded really, that this is happening. after the talk there will be a panel discussion...two other artists, a geneticist, and myself. i met with the panelists last week, and the four of us had one of those conversations, like a good jam session, where you can feel the synapses firing and watch the sparks flying. i was using pieces of my work as examples and points of reference...and realized suddenly that the "philosoprops" had found their niche. this is exactly how they are meant to be seen. and this very talk, about the intersection of art and science, is exactly what my work is all about.

"the art of science, the science of art"
tishman auditorium of the new school
monday august 29th
66 west 12th st from 5 to 7pm.