Monday, September 05, 2005


lately i have been compulsively knitting. there's something so soothing about it, meditative, about the tying of little knots, each one containing the essence of the precise moment during which it was tied. the wool might take on the smell of campfire or coffee or bread baking or the subway depending on where i am and what's going on around me when i'm doing it. and the energy of my thoughts, my feelings for the one i am knitting for, like little prayers tied into every knot. "may the one who wears this feel loved and protected and warm". and the things i am knitting now are also imbued with anger and sorrow for the ones who are suffering and towards the society that let it come to this. sure i blame the government for not sending more help sooner, but i blame them more because their ambivalence and lack of compassion sets a terrible example for our culture. i don't believe that it's only the government's job to take care of everyone...i believe it's everyone's job to take care of everyone, and that a good government should be like a good parent, teaching by example, encouraging those who have more than they need to share with those less fortunate. it's not only the poor people who need better education. it's the people with wealth who seem not to understand the toll they are taking on our entire culture, the instability they are causing to the infrastructure of this thing we call a "democracy", by not giving something back. in a democracy we can't only blame the government...we must blame ourselves when there are rifts this profound. may this experience inspire each of us to take action in whatever way we can...that is the mission, after all, of the kind of political system we aspire to here in the united states. i blame the government for teaching selfishness and greed (and for their atrocious, horrific handling of this tragedy in particular). i blame it's people for not rising above it.